Sorry for Any Inconvenience

So can someone explain to me when this simple phrase became a carte blanche license to totally screw your customers over without taking any responsibility?

I have recently been re-scheduled for a Dr’s appointment for the 3rd time. This last time I was given less than 24 hours notice. If I were to do that to my Dr, I would be charged a fee for the appointment. It apparently seems OK for them to do that to me without any form of compensation other than “Sorry for the Inconvenience”.

I have long been a proponent of public health care and have not had the experiences that many people claim to have for long wait times and bad service. On the contrary, I have almost always had exceptional service and care from the nurses and Dr’s that have treated me and my family. We are all entitled to a bad day so I attribute the few occasions where a care professional was not as friendly as I would have liked to them just having such a day.

All this being said, simply re-scheduling an appointment and arbitrarily choosing a new date and time is NOT convenient and I DON’T accept you ‘apology’ for the inconvenience.

Mr Dr, When I choose a date and a time to make myself available that aligns with your schedule, I keep my commitment and arrange any subsequent meetings, appointments, etc around this time.

Mr Dr, it is not the most convenient journey for me to come to your office but for the sake of my health and to keep marital bliss, I make the time and commitment. Is it too much for you to do the same?

This goes for all the other services and companies that feel it’s OK to make changes to appointments, schedules, terms and conditions, etc…


Your responsibility to your customers is the key differentiator between you and your competition. If you choose to screw over your existing customers for your convenience then expect to lose customers to your competitors.

In today’s economy and the growing competitive nature of many businesses, you cannot afford to be so glib and careless with the most valuable source of your survival.

Too often, companies and services forget that the very customers that they take for granted are the lifeblood of the organization and without them they would cease to exist.  It’s time for consumers to bring back the old adage ‘Customer is KING’ and brand it on their forehead for all to see.  There are good reasons why small local businesses stay in business year after year even when faced with stiff competition from major corporations.  These small businesses understand who they are there to serve and they make damned sure that they treat their customers with the utmost respect and dignity.  It’s what pays the bills.

Next time you feel that you are not getting the service or the product that you are paying for, SPEAK UP!  You will continue to be dis-satisfied unless you make a change.

Gotta go now.  The Dr’s office is calling to re-schedule.