Over the past number of years in wireless there has been a steady decline in Voice ARPU in relation to overall revenue.  This has many wireless operators in North America concerned.  There are many pundits who have various points of view on the subject and I will leave it up to them to sound off and claim superiority.

Today while watching ‘teh twitter’ Jevon was asking about 3G Data only devices. There were the replies and comments for devices such as Nokia 800/810, Peek Mail, Sony Mylo and a few others but none of them seemed to cover the whole need of what consumers are using or want in a mobile communications device.  Doesn’t anybody talk anymore?

I’m not too sure about the defined need for a dedicated data only device outside of a vertical market application such as something used by UPS or Purolator for mobile package tracking.  Certainly for the comsumer market there is a defined and proven need for a communications device that includes voice service.

As we move further away from the analogue age and further into the digital abyss, operators need to understand that voice services of yesterday are not the voice services of tomorrow.  VOIP anyone?

Perhaps it’s just us getting older and not having a need to actually ‘speak’ to anyone.  I know for sure that the 18-28 demographic has no issue with actually speaking to someone and do so whenever they have the opportunity.

Now if you’ll excuse me I should call home.


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